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Roofing Calculator – Flexible & Powerful Roof Estimating Software for Your Mobile Device

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Roofing Calculator app is a very flexible, powerful and detail-oriented mobile roof estimating software, available for iPhone and Android. Roofing Calculator was designed by a roofer, for roofing contractors. With this app you can:

  • Estimate ANY Roof in seconds!
  • Save time, money, and sell more roofing jobs!
  • Calculate cut-up roofs: multiple roof sections, dormers, valley, etc.
  • Save results of your calculation, including customers name, address and other info!
  • Email the results to yourself for record-keeping, or to your client as a formal proposal!

Roofing Calculator App is priced at $19.99 USD, and includes lifetime upgrades. We feel that the amount of time you save with our app is well justified by additional profits you make by selling many more roofs.

Download Roofing Calculator for iPhone

Download Roofing Calculator for Android

Watch Roofing Calculator Demo – in this video, you can see the process from entering roof dimensions into calculator, to sending an official estimate to the client. The whole process takes about 1 minute!

Why and how we created this app

When I decided to create this program, I first and foremost, designed it for my own roof estimating needs, which could not and still cannot be met by any other available mobile roofing calculator app / program available on either App Store or Google Play Store (former Android Market).

I needed a program that would account for not only a straight line calculation of roof size, and hypothetical number of roof shingle bundles. I needed to be able to calculate also multi-story homes, with odd roof shapes, different slopes, dormers, valleys, skylights, chimneys, etc. As you may know, most roofs are not a straight gable ranch-type roofs. You often have to calculate a cut-up roof. Doing it by hand, using pencil and paper takes too much time – often in excess of 2 hours per roof!

Spending too much time on roof estimating, limits the amount of time you have left for actual roof measurements, sales pitch, and doing other estimates. In effect, by spending time on estimating, you are loosing money, that you could otherwise make, if you sold more jobs.

Roofing Calculator app allows you to estimate ANY roof in just seconds! The first thing you have to do is initial setup, where you plug in your material costs of every type of shingle that you install, and other piece-work prices (such as waste factor, tear-off price, valley flashing, dormer flashing, skylight / chimney and other roof work).

Once you setup your material prices and lobor costs, all you need to do is measure your roof, and plug in the numbers into the calculator screen. Click the “calculate” button – voilà, you have all your sizes, material cost breakdown, price per square, and total project price.

This literally takes you second! No more sitting in your truck, drawing diagrams, and using the scientific calculator which was made for a completely different purpose. No more figuring out roof pitch multipliers, or calculating piece work in your notepad. Roofing Calculator app does it all for you, and it is available on the most popular mobile platforms – iPhone and Android.

List of new features, available on Roof Calc v2.0 – released in July 2012 on both iPhone and Android platforms

  • Multiple Roof Sections: This allows you to calculate very cut up roofs, or roofs with different slopes and or different materials being installed: for example if the main roof gets 30-year architectural shingles, while a section of the roof gets a rubber or copper roof. You will be able to estimate this all as one roof.
  • Save and Export calculation results: We want to give you a complete roof estimating solution, all in one program, and went far beyond simple results export via email. You will have the option to enter clients name, address and other info associated with each roof you estimate, email it to yourself as plain text or PDF, email materials list for each client to your roofing supplier, and also email your client a formal proposal, based on your calculations, with your company letterhead!
  • Dormers: We added a function of calculating roof dormers as separate units, which will be priced as piece work – just like we now calculate skylight and chimney flashings.
  • Valley: Additionally, you will be able to estimate valley flashing – you will be able to price it by length (cost per foot of valley), and roofing calculator will automatically add 3 square feet of shingles, and 1 foot of ice and water shield to the total materials list!

Other uses for our app:

While roofing calculator is originally made for roofing contractors, to help your sales force (or yourself, if you do the sales) increase your business, and simplify estimating process, this tool can also be invaluable for professionals in related fields such as real estate and home inspections.

How to Use the Roofing Calculator App – Guide for Roofing Contractors

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As a roofing contractor you can make your job easier and faster by using a new and advanced Roofing Calculator App available on the Android Market and Apple’s App Store. The Roofing Calculator App will enable you to give your clients accurate information regarding size of the roof and cost of replacement, including a detailed break down of materials and labor costs within seconds. With this app, you will no longer have to worry about loosing a potential sale because you asked a client to wait for you to get back to them so that you can  complete the calculations for the estimate.

Roofing Calculator App is priced at $19.99 USD, and includes lifetime upgrades. We feel that the amount of time you save with our app is well justified by additional profits you make by selling many more roofs.

Download Roofing Calculator for iPhone

Download Roofing Calculator for Android

The App was developed by an experienced roofer, with a clear understanding of all the essential features and functions that other roofing contractors and professionals who work with roofs need to make their estimating jobs more efficient and precise. One of the biggest advantages of the Roofing Calculator is that it has a number of different modes, settings and profiles that enable you to easily customize your calculation based on the roof size and type, different types of materials, labor costs, waste and much more. The Roofing Calculator App is one tool that will significantly help you improve client satisfaction and give you an edge over your competitors so that you can sell more roofing jobs right on the spot.

How to use the Roofing Calculator App:

Two Convenient Modes – Roofing Calculator App offers two convenient modes: 1. Contractor Mode 2. Presentation Mode

Contractor Mode: This mode can be used by roofing contractors and other professionals who require detailed information about labor and materials costs in addition to the total price of the project. You have all the information you need at the click of a button to get a sense of the scope of the job, your costs and your profits.

Main screen

On the main screen of the Contractor Mode you will see different settings where you will need to input information to calculate the size and cost of the roof. You will need to manually input measurements for Length, Width, Roof Pitch and Ridge vent, as well as numbers of Skylights and Chimneys. You will have various pre-set options to choose from for Roof Type, Roofing Materials, Number of Floors, Roofing Difficulty, Roof Tear-Off, and Plywood/sheeting.

Results Screen

After you input all of the information and hit the calculate button you will be taken to a Results Screen. The beauty of the Roofing Calculator App is that it gives you highly detailed and accurate results that are broken down into three categories:

Prices: In this category you will get results for Total Materials Cost, Total Labor Price and Total Project Price

Materials Prices: In this category you will get a break down of prices of all materials necessary to complete the job that will include: Shingles, Underlayment, Drip Edge, Ridge Vent, Ridge Cap Shingles, Plywood, Miscellaneous.

Materials/Sizes: In this category you will get accurate values for: Roof Area, Waste (calculated as a %), Roofing Materials, and Length of Ridge.


Presentation Mode: We added this feature for situations when your client asks you to show them on the display how much the roof would cost – in this mode, they will see only part of the results that you would normally see  in the contractor mode. These include only TOTAL ROOF PRICE, and roof sizes!

We created this mode, because most homeowners only want to see what they care about most – the total price. If they get a glimpse into the contractor mode that has a lot of information about costs and charges for labor and materials, they will have a lot of questions and concerns that you may be overcharging them. You don’t want to raise these unnecessary concerns in your clients and you also do not want to spend your time and energy explaining  the fact  that as a contractor you also have dump / permit fees, overhead, and other expenses, which reduce your profits, compared to you your labor costs. Therefore, we made it easy for you to avoid the uncomfortable situations all together, and eliminated materials and labor costs from results screen in Presentation Mode!

Main Screen

The Main Screen of the Presentation Mode is exactly the same as in the Contractor Mode, requiring you to input all the information necessary for the calculation.

Results Screen

The Results Screen of the Presentation Mode is very different from the Contractor Mode and it is what you will be showing to your clients. They will see the following information:

Total Project Price for the roofing material that was selected.

Materials/Sizes: In this break down clients will see values for Total Roof Area, Waste (calculated as 5%) Length of Ridge, Length of Gables, and length or Drip Edge.

General Settings

By clicking on the Menu Button on your Smart Phone you can access General Settings. Here you can manually change the pre-set settings of the calculator to different values that you find to be appropriate for your purposes.These settings include: Number of Floors, Roof Difficulty (per sq.) Waste Factor (%), Underlayment ( Ice&Water or Felt Coverage), Skylight/Chimney Flashing, Roof Tear Off, Plywood/Sheeting (per sq). Simply click Done to save the information and make your future calculations based on the new values that you have put in.



Roofing Materials screen

Create your own Material Profiles – Roofing Calculator App allows you the ease and convenience of creating unique Roofing Profiles based on your own labor and material prices. You can access the Profiles Screen by clicking on the Menu Button on your Smart Phone and choosing to Add New Profile.



By creating these profiles you will save yourself a lot of time and hassle of having to calculate every roof from scratch. All the profiles that you create can also be edited and deleted.

If you are working with or know a home inspector or a real estate professional, you can boost your business and get more clients by recommending them to also use this app. To help a real estate broker or home inspector easily estimate roof replacement costs for their clients, you can pre-set values that you charge for labor and materials by creating different roofing profiles and also pre-setting the General Settings Screen. As a result, the real estate broker, or home inspector will be able to quickly give their clients an accurate roofing estimate that is already based on your own prices and refer them to you to get the job done.

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Roofing Calculator for REALTORs & Home Inspectors

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Roofing Calculator app is primarily designed for roofers. However many professionals in other related fields can use this tool to greatly simplify their work, and provide more value to their clients. This includes Real Estate Agents / Brokers and Home Inspectors since both often get questions about potential roof replacement cost.

As a real estate agent or broker, you frequently have situations when you are selling a house that has roof  nearing the end of its life, and a potential buyer who is concerned and would like to know more information about replacing the old roof. One question that comes up the most is how much it will cost to replace this roof?  Of course you can just through a number out there,  just to “give an answer”, but the Roofing Calculator App will actually enable you to provide your client with an accurate answer right on the spot.

If you are a home inspector, you will also find this app invaluable in your everyday work. Every home inspection involves a roof inspection, and if you include an “Approximate Roof Replacement Cost” in your home inspection report, this will will put more value in the work that you do. With the Roofing Calculator, this information will will be right at your fingertips and you will not need to spend a lot of effort to come up with an accurate estimate.

Roofing Calculator App is priced at $19.99 USD, and includes lifetime upgrades. We feel that the amount of time you save with our app is well justified by additional profits you make by increasing your clients’  satisfaction and potential home sales and future referrals.

Download Roofing Calculator for iPhone

Download Roofing Calculator for Android

Benefits of using Roofing Calculator app if you are a Real Estate professional or Home Inspector:

As a real estate agent / broker or home inspector you can take full advantage of our Roofing Calculator App to quickly and accurately answer your clients questions about roof replacement costs. The calculator is very intuitive and easy to use, and does not require any in-depth roofing knowledge. With the Roofing Calculator app, you can give the buyer a very accurate roof price estimate, increase the chances of a  home sale, and make the transaction go much smoother.

To enter the correct, most current information about roofing prices and labor costs, you can simply ask the roofing contractor that you know or work with to give you those numbers. Convenient features allow you to create different pre-set roof profiles where you can enter that information and calculate the results for your client on the spot. By asking your roofer for labor and material prices that his company charges, you are essentially pre-selling the job to your client, which will allow you to collect a referral fee for brokering the deal between your client and your roofer (this is of course at your discretion).  Thus, the Roofing Calculator App benefits all parties by helping expedite the process of getting a new roof and clarifying any questions, confusion or stalling that may arise from inaccurate and untimely information regarding costs of a roofing job.

You can ask your roofer to help you set up this app – that is enter the material costs and labor prices  that they charge – this way, you will be “in sync” with their pricing model, and provide more or less accurate prices to your clients.

To learn how to use roof calculator, click here.

Special Presentation Mode

We have created a special Presentation Mode in our calculator, so that you can show a homeowner the price of their roof, and roof size, without displaying unnecessary information such as materials breakdown, and roofer’s labor / materials costs. After all, you are only giving them an “idea” of how much the roof would cost – not a formal quote!

The Presentation Mode is a simplified version of the Contractor Mode that can be used specifically to present final results about the cost of roof replacement to clients without giving away details about labor and materials costs available in the Contractor Mode. This is very convenient, as clients are not exposed to information that may lead them to have a misconception that they are being overcharged or cheated if they see the margins between final costs vs cost of labor and materials. By using the presentation mode, you will save time, effort and avoid extra questions from having to explain to your clients that the price difference is the result of extra costs that roofing contractors have to incur such as permit fees, insurance, dumpster fees, overhead, etc.

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Roofing Calculator for Android

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How to use Roofing Calculator:

Main screen – entering roof dimensions and details:

General Settings – setting roof costs for different detail work:

Roofing Materials settings – setting prices and labor costs:

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Roofing Calculator for iPhone

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