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Roofing Calculator Reviews:

Roofing Calculator is a mobile app for iPhone and Android platforms (soon BlackBerry version will be added), and is made for roofing contractors / estimators to help them calculate roofs faster and put out more bids, and sell more roofing jobs. Below are some of the online reviews of our app:

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Roofing Calculator and other Construction apps roundup over at Software Advice.

Roof Calc review by Downloads A-Z

Roof Estimator review on AppShopper

Roofing Calculator Review at ENR Magazine – this one requires subscription unfortunately. It was free for the first few days, and then went as paid article.

The author of this article – Luke Abaffy contacted us for information as he was working on this articles. Here is a piece of our conversation:

Luke’s first Email

Hi Leo,
My name is Luke Abaffy, I’m an editor of Engineering News-Record magazine. I write about iPhone and Android Apps and I’m interested in writing about yours. Do you have time to talk with me today about this? What I would need from you is, a few screenshots of the app, in high quality, and the date of your next update and what it will include.

Also, if you have any users who like the app and work in the construction industry I would love to speak with them so they can tell me how they use the app and how it helps them.

Since we’re a weekly magazine our turn around time is pretty quick and I would need these things as soon as possible, like the end of today, or tomorrow latest.

Please give me a call and let me know if this is doable.

My Response, after initial phone conversation with Luke, where he asked for some customer’s feedback:

I wanted to know how can I get a hold of the print version of your magazine with your article – when will you publish it, so I can hunt down a copy or two? You said it’s a weekly publication – is subscription free? I guess even if I subscribe now I won’t get it in time for your article … 🙁

Anyway, here are the screen-shots, customer’s feedback, and also our website + the Roof Calc app page, as well as other information that you may find useful for your article.

Our roofing calculator site homepage: – there homeowners / roofing contractors / real estate agents / home inspectors, etc., can calculate roof installation prices, roofing materials prices, roof pitch, metal roofing panels, and metal roofing prices.

Roofing Calculator App page:

It would be great if you could link up both. I know the article is about the App, but the app was based on our online roofing calculators, and their combined functionality went into the app.

Customer’s feedback:

I purchased your app on my droidx. I would like to know if there is a way to print the results? If I can send it to my computer to print off. I am not sure, but would like to know if possible. It would make your app Outstanding!!!!
Thank you

Howard – H&A PropertyWorks

My response:

It is not possible at this time, BUT will be possible in the future (hopefully soon) to send results by email, and in fact we want to make it so you could actually send a somewhat formal estimate to the customer / homeowner, with roofing company letterhead, and the price estimate (certain fields), and a full report to yourself. Maybe even a service where all your results could be synced with a CRM / website, and use a GPS to get the job location. All these features will be added as we continue developing the roof calculator app.
However it’s will happen later, as we are working on another major feature right now – multiple roof sections – and that takes priority now, especially that we have to support two separate platforms – Android and iPhone roofing calculator – and that is two separate apps with different coding.
Let me know what else we can add / improve to make the app better for you.
Also – let me know how the app is working out for you in the field – I really want to know, as we get VERY limited feedback from roofers… and I mean REALLY no feedback
As soon as we are ready to release new features, we will post them as updates.

Also, I’ve included a better worded explanation into $20 price tag for our app:

The reason we priced it at $20 is that other alternative(s) priced at $0.99 are completely useless for a roofer, as they do essentially nothing to help roofers estimate roofing costs, and have very few options for more difficult roofs. We actually went to great depths to make the app as useful as possible for roofing contractors / estimators – I’m a roofer myself, so I used myself as the hypothetical buyer of this app.

We tried to make it as universal as possible and to cover nearly every aspect that goes into pricing a roof. Though some things are hard to build in as there are so many “paths” that can take place, when estimating more complicated roofs, especially when using materials other than standard asphalt shingles.

So back to our app being overpriced – we actually put a lot of time and effort into designing and coding the Roofing Calculator App for both iPhone and Android platforms, and the market for this app is rather limited (only roofing contractors / salesmen would buy it), so for the app to be profitable, and for us to provide continuous updates and improvements, we have to keep a premium price tag. Also keep in mind that Android Market and App Store take 30% commission off the top, so we only get $14 per sale.

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