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Roofing Calculator v2.0 – Estimate ANY Roof in Seconds!

Save Time, Money and Sell More Jobs! Estimate simple & complicated roofs with multiple section / garages, additions, etc. Save, modify and export results. Provide your customers with instant roof quote (Send PDF Estimate by Email), with your Company’s letterhead!

  • Multiple Roof Sections, Valley and Dormers Calculation
  • Saving and Exporting of Results with job address acquisition using GPS location

Test-drive our Roof Calculator app – calculate roof replacement cost for any sloped roof (asphalt shingles, metal roof, cedar shingles / shakes, slate, and tile), and get estimated replacement cost. Be sure to adjust other roof settings, such as building height, roof pitch, chimney and skylight flashing.

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image of Roofing Calculator App version 2.0

Roof Length: ft.
Roof Width: ft.
Roof Pitch:
Roof Complexity:
Roof Tear-off:
House Height:
Skylight Flashing:
Chimney Flashing:
Ridge Vent Install: # ft.
Roof Material:

Estimated Roof Price:

The online calculator demonstrates functionality of our professional app for contractors, available on iPhone and Android. Online version is limited to preset prices. Full version allows you to change all your material and labor costs.

Roofing Calculator app for contractors: iPhone and Android

Imagine you could estimate ANY roof in seconds! Simply pull out you smartphone (iPhone or Android), enter roof dimensions and details, click CALCULATE, and you will get complete breakdown of all your costs (labor, materials, accessories), all roof sizes, and complete project cost!

With our Roofing Calculator, you can do a complete take-off for your roofyou no longer need to carry around notepads, stacks of price lists from your suppliers, do calculations on paper, and loosing your old and current papers.

Introducing Roofing Calculator App for iPhone and Android – the Ultimate Roof Estimating tool for roofing contractors and estimators!

With Roofing

Are you tired of estimating roofs in a little notepad on your lap, and then loosing those numbers, and not being able to sell the job on the spot? Then Roofing Calculator App is the answer for you! In this digital age, roofing contractors should use every advantage they can get, to stay ahead of competition, and Roofing Calculator is just the tool you need to:

  • Quickly Estimate Any Roof!
  • Calculate All Materials and Labor Cost!
  • And Ultimately Sell More Roofing Jobs!

Roofing Calculator app is based on our popular online roofing shingles calculator from, with expanded functionality and full customization options, designed to help roofing contractors and estimators in calculating roof prices, and giving almost instant price quote to the homeowner. Using roofing calculator app will improve your roof sales and simplify estimating process.

Here is the main benefit of using our roofing calculator:

Most homeowners are impatient, and want to move fast in fixing / replacing their roof, because time is of the essence, and the longer they wait, the more damages happen to their leaking roof.

If the homeowner likes you (roofing contractor / estimator) as a person, and trusts in your ability to install the best roof for them – the job is done – they will most likely choose you as their roofer (assuming the price is right).

Now it is on you to give them timely roof estimate. If you wait too long (and so many roofer do take their time) in providing the firm, final roof quote, they will start to doubt their choice and may very well go with another company. That is why it is utterly important to provide firm roof price as soon as possible!

If they don’t like you (for any reason), you pretty much have no chance of getting the job, and no software will help you with it.

Roofing Calculator App enables you to provide nearly instant, and VERY accurate roof quote on the spot – no need to go to the office or even your truck, to do the math.

We even incorporated a “presentation mode” where you can show the homeowner, results of your calculations, with total roof price, and roof sizes

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  1. Hi, I just purchased your app and have some questions regarding the fields and the calculations behind them.
    Can you please provide a contact #?

    Thank you


    6 Sep 12 at 9:24 am

  2. Hi Keyesu,

    We dont have a phone to call us, but i will email you and see if i can help you figure things out.

    In the mean time please watch this Setup Guide video:


    10 Jan 13 at 5:46 pm

  3. Hello, just purchased the app and was playing with it and I hit the (+)sign on the top right hand corner too
    many times and now when I touch the app to come back on
    nothing happens just a black screen. Please help Thanks


    23 Mar 13 at 2:29 am

  4. It is essential for property house owners and homeowners to concentrate on Denver roofing companies and also know how
    one can discover a good one. Commercial roofing is also done by the contractors who are involves in
    the roofing system. You will not want seeing a worker dying because of fixing your roof.

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    11 Oct 13 at 11:36 am

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